I did a digital painting on my iPad. It makes me want to try and paint again.

52 Weeks of Art




Spending some time in the wonderful city of Portland. It’s cold here but the great atmosphere and people keep me warm. (I know that was pretty horrible. I’m only kidding. It’s freezing here.)

Getting lots of doodles done. Like this pixel guy! He’s okay.


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In an effort to keep me sane and to help me get these posted more consistently, I’ve started doing 15 minute doodles using Illustrator and Photoshop. I spend 15 minutes in each program and make these things. It’s pretty fun.

52 Weeks of Art



Boy howdy. I’ve been busy.

I thought being an adult would kill my creativity but it has only helped (or made it worse depending on how you look at it.) I’ve been able to do some awesome freelance work with some great clients recently. This first project is a branding project for my good friend Robbie Clark. Robbie is a concert and touring photographer. He came with ol’ hardcore band on our last tour and has seen things that no one should ever see and smelled things that no man has ever smelled (because he dealt them.)

Look at it. It’s like watching the music video for “Kiss From A Rose”for the very first time.

This summer/fall I got to work on a great little project with the ridiculously smokin’ staff over at the University of Oklahoma Recruitment Center. They hired me to visually recreate the story of OU’s first president, David Ross Boyd. They wrote a great little script and I illustrated and animated their story.



OU Recruitment- “David Ross Boyd: The Seed Sower” from Matt Magill on Vimeo.

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